Younes Kabbaj 

My first real brush with photography was twenty years ago when I bought a medium format Hasselblad camera and studied seriously Ansel Adams work. Eventually I found myself drawn to candid street photography and its tragicomic situations. I exchanged the Hasselblad for the lighter and faster Leica and since then I have been roaming the streets in search of “the” picture.


In Asia, marriage is considered one of the most important events in a person’s life and wedding ceremonies follow intricate rules whichever the country. The wedding photos (actually pre-wedding photos) are a very serious and elaborate affair and can sometimes seem over the top or even comical to an outsider.

As the start of a new family and a new future, with happy children, marriage is a fitting theme for an exhibition organized by Children of the Mekong.

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Pink taxi / Central, Hong Kong / 2011

51 x 34 cm

Beware the deer / Nara, Japan / 2013

51 x 34 cm

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