Takeshi Shikama 

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

"I am very much fascinated by the forest, enveloped in a natural and simple air.
Seized by a strange sensation, I can sense the forest
calling, almost beckoning me. 

I find myself responding to the telepathic power of the forest. 

Driven by this mysterious sensation, I have been continuing to take photographs. » Takeshi Shikama



Takeshi Shikama places as much importance in the details of recording an image as the production of the final object : the print.

He hand-prints his own work, using the platinum printing technique on a Japanese traditional paper 'gampi', handmade of gampi tree bark. 

Each requires hand-coating the emulsion onto the paper and contact printing the negative. 

This labor and mind intensive process of classic printing method reflects the intimacy and interaction that Shikama feels towards his subject matter.


Takeshi Shikama has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland), Japan and U.S.A.

His artworks are also displayed in permanent collections mainly in France, Japan and U.S.A.


More information about the Artist statement, print process, biography available here.

Urban Forest-Hong Kong #17 / Hong Kong 

35,5 x 28 cm

Urban Forest-Hong Kong #13 / Hong Kong

35,5 X 28 cm