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Simon Robin is a French architect based in Hong Kong. 

He creates shapes using algorithms that replicate curves of nature. These organic forms are generated by a unique manufacturing process that the artist has come to call, the mathematical assembly line: a succession of operations that aims at replicating the transformations of nature and offers perfect curvatures which only mathematics can reveal. 

It is in this nature/manufacture paradox that the artist has developed to make this artwork wood
collection. His passage through architecture is clearly highlighted in these wooden sculptures. This
collection is reminiscent of the level lines used by designers to represent the topography of a piece
of land.

For Simon Robin, the strength and power of wood lies in its ability to modulate and assemble space.
By working the wood, the sculptor wants the material itself to offer an architectural experience.
This art collection is made of plywood. It consists of a precise assembly of laser cut wood sheets.
These layers with darker brown edges remind us of the tree rings evoking the passing of time.
The shadows created by the juxtaposition of these surfaces accentuates the relief and softens the
form as a whole.

Hommage à Hendrix 


Edition 3/8

35 x 44 x 16 cm

HKD 22,000




Edition 1 /8

25 x 44 x 16 cm

HKD 37,000

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