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Rosalyn Ng

SLNFA_Once Upon_Rosalyn Ng_Artist Photo.jpg

Rosalyn Ng (b. 1993 in Hong Kong) graduated from Chelsea College of Art, London, with a major in Fine Art in 2015. Her works translate nascent emotions into organic mark-making expressions. While she is involved in the active creation process, her purpose lies in captivating the viewers through multidimensional layers of bold colors and textures.

Despite the seemingly spontaneous placements of colors and forms, her paintings allude to imaginary scenes, which lead to invoking a blend of complicated, mixed feelings of bitterness and sweetness in viewers. This irony between spontaneity and imagination may perhaps be due to her artistic practice of constantly experiencing yearning for the 'ideal' combined with the exploration of freedom. However, her 'ideal' forms in the canvas often contradict herself, resulting in recalibration of her core beliefs, fears, and desires during the creative process.

After graduation, Rosalyn has been diligently committed to her artistic practice by developing different styles and obtaining formal education in art criticism.

Her works have been exhibited in London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong from several online to offline exhibitions and publications, including an upcoming feature in Floorr Magazine from London. She recently completed her first solo exhibition 'Lonely Island' in YueJin Art Museum in Taiwan in 2022.

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