Ombeline OLMER

ombline olmer.jpg

Her pharmacy studies just completed, Ombeline Olmer turned to other horizons by following her husband abroad. Milan, Amsterdam, Milan and now Hong Kong: the desire to explore the world and to travel is growing constantly.

It was in Milan, during her first stay, that she got a taste for the black and white photo and that her shots started to become interesting. Color no longer exists, black and white become timeless and that's what she likes.

Ombeline then starts to take more and more interest in the use of geometry in the architecture of the buildings and monuments that surround her, but also in nature.  

Ombeline is self-taught and her photographic approach is quite intuitive. She loves geometry in urban composition, lines, curves, and she loves architects who are always more creative in their constructions and in their fittings. The idea of having a different eye and a different vision than what the gaze first visualizes interests her.

It is mainly with black and white photography that she is best able to work, but color, especially for street scenes, interests her more and more. Hong Kong is a great playground for this and she always has her camera when she walks around, ready to catch the moment

Dai Pai Dong

Edition 1/20 - Total: 10 editions (#2 to #5 on order)

Photo print on Hahnemühle fine art paper

50 x 37 cm

HKD 2,000 - framed 

HKD 1,600 - unframed