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Carlos Segovia, AKA SEGO


What would you get if you mixed some Dali, some Archimboldo and a little bit of Remedios Varo with street art and innovation? That would give this self-taught Mexican street artist named SEGO.


After moving at a young age to the coast of Oaxaca, a state of Mexico with significant vegetation and various kinds of insects, fishes, birds, and reptiles, he developed a very colorful aesthetic inspired by nature and imagined enormous and fantastic creatures to live on walls throughout the world. 


His technique has changed as his needs to paint different things went. The work on colors, details, textures and symbols is in constant evolution according to his experimentations. SEGO uses spray paint, but the access to quality paint and new caps expanded the artist’s possibilities for it was not easy to find some back when he started in Mexico.


SEGO had the occasion to work in various countries such as Brazil, Cuba, USA and France, and participated in an exhibition in Brooklyn at the Dorian Grey Gallery in 2014 where twelve Mexican street artists reflected the inventive aesthetic of Mexico City’s street art. His work includes murals that have been declared a national cultural heritage in his country. 


His most recent participation in the “Fantastic Beasts” was creating the Phoenix for the film The Secrets of Dumbledore, in the HBO’s saga.

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