Michelle Copini 

My interest in photography, and my first camera, I inherited from my father who passed away when I was 14. One photo I took that summer is engraved in my mind: a pair of worn out leather workers’ boots discarded in a scorched field in Yugoslavia. I was, and still am today, immediately attracted to the warm, monochromatic colours, the textures and the story it tells of bygone days. To me these forgotten and disintegrating objects represent the ephemerality of life. They evoke within me a drive to capture them through photographs, consolidating their history.


Born in the Netherlands from French and Italian parentage, I am schooled in Classical Art History, with a Master of Arts. These studies instilled in me great admiration for the Old Masters and the light captured in their paintings. That is what strikes me in mundane street scenes from ancient towns and back alleys to the world over. An old grain bag drying on a line may for a passerby be just that, but can transfer me straight to the Middle Ages, just by its colour, fibers and the ambient light.


Trained as a restorer of antique European furniture and working for the Dutch Ministry of Culture, I’ve learned to appreciate the techniques and materials used by craftsmen of the past. I often focus on small details in my photos, aiming to expose their mastery in an almost abstract way.


Already as a child I have been fascinated by colours and light. Numbers, months and the days of the week had each their own colour to me. This colour-association has benefitted me throughout my creative life as I perceive the world a little differently than most people. Through my photos, I hope to show you a bit of that world, as seen through my eyes.

    Light on Hong Kong / Kowloon, Hong Kong / 2016

    39,9 x 29,6 cm

    Arhats / Pai Tau, Hong Kong / 2014

    25,8 x 25,3 cm

    The Apprentice / Myanmar / 2014

    25,3 x 27,5 cm

    Street lights / Cheung Chau, Hong Kong / 2017

    25,3 x 42,4 cm