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Marc Progin

Marc Progin is a Swiss adventurer, photographer, and writer in his seventies, often traveling in space, mainly the one of Mongolia since he retired from time and being a watchmaker.

Struck by the light and the beauty of the deserts he became a photographer to give evidence of his journeys to Mongolia, stories and poetry. But it is from his physical performance that the artistic one is generated. 

A seasoned long distance trail runner, he is tough enough to power himself and his bike, that he uses as a mean of transportation for off-road journeys and his mind traveling.

He designs his own maps, navigates with the sun, the stars, and a compass in all the 4 seasons, trading his bike for hiking boots and camels when tackling ice, snow, blizzard, and temperatures of minus 40 during his Winter trips.

Marc’s collection tops 15.000 images and more than 20.000 km of bike and on foot odysseys across the land of Mongolia. 


Through his projects, Marc gives us a beautiful testimony of what his heart sees in nature and human beings, and an honest message though his eye of the nomadic life reality.


Marc Progin has had solo exhibitions at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent’s Club, Latitude 22N and Blue Lotus Gallery as well as shown work with Hong Kong Heritage Project, Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, Palais de la Porte Dorée, and Children of Mekong. He gives regular talks at the Royal Geographical Society [HK], CH-Lausanne University [Switzerland], CH-Neuchâtel Academy [Switzerland], American Hong Kong Society, Swiss Business Council Hong Kong, to name but a few. When he is not behind the camera shooting both for his own artwork or as a Press Photographer, he is often on the other side being interviewed numerous times by the RTHK, TVB, and for radio.

Through the cosmic vision of a photographer, whose eye has widened to the limitless dimensions of time and space, The memory of trees and 200 million years retrace the genesis of the magnificent universe, namely the earth and its evolution. It is a vision of the physical universe, of matter, and of their evolution, from which the heavenly and earthly worlds were formed.


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