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Li Hua was born in Shandong province, China. Influenced by her grandfather, Chinese painter and calligrapher, she has learned to trace Chinese characters with brush and ink before she could read them.

She studied French language at university in Beijing, while following an academic course of traditional Chinese calligraphy. She continued to study in Paris where she discovered Western painting. Then she went back to Beijing and worked several years for French speaking TV and Chinese society and culture related documentaries. A few years ago, she moved to Hong Kong with her family where she happily picked up again brush and ink.


For her, the practice of Chinese calligraphy is a kind of meditation to reconnect herself with the beauty of ancient Chinese culture. To share her love for Chinese calligraphy, she teaches and organizes workshops for people from different cultures. Sensitive to both Chinese art and Western art and inspired by Hong Kong’s mixed cultural atmosphere, she explores ways to combine Chinese calligraphy and Western painting’s technics, media and colors.


Cursive yellow2021 60_40cm.jpg

Cursive Yellow


Ink on canvas

Unique piece

60 x 40 cm

HKD 5,000

Mahjong black2022 60_60cm.jpg



Rice paper / Ink on canvas

Unique piece

60 x 60 cm

HKD 7,000

Cursive Orange 2021 60_40cm.jpg

Cursive Orange


Ink on canvas

Unique pieces

60 x 40 cm

HKD 5,000

Cursive Yellow (2021) 


“    ,    ”


Translation: "Hundreds of streams flow eastwards to the ocean, nevermore to return to west again." 

Extract from a poem (Han Dynasty 202 BC-220AD) using the one-way flow of river water as a metaphor of time that moves only forward. The poem intends to remind us that time is our most precious treasure. 


Cursive orange (2021) 

“,… ”

Translation: The journey is difficult, so many confusing crossroads… There will come the day I sail with the wind to break the heavy weaves! (faith in overcoming obstacles in life)


Extract from poem “Difficult journey”, by LI Bai (8th century, Tang dynasty). The poem tells of a hard journey ahead - metaphor of challenges in one’s life journey. The poet expresses his determination to overcome adversity. 



About cursive 

Cursive yellow and cursive orange are ones in a series of colorful Chinese calligraphy using cursive script. Texts are from classical Chinese poetry. Cursive is one of the 5 major scripts of Chinese calligraphy, the most expressive and artistic one. It connects strokes and words together: angular strokes are curved and simplified to let energy flow through variable ink lines. 


Cursive script appeared more than one thousand years ago in China, it still looks amazingly modern today, close to abstract art. This series applies cursive script on western medium to bring a new touch of contemporaneity to Chinese calligraphy. 


Mahjong black (2022)

Translation :


Calligraphy and Mahjong / Regular script is one in a series of artworks that highlight the unexpected and beautiful encounter between a spirituel art thousands of years old - Chinese calligraphy and a popular game born in the 19th century in China - Mahjong. We can find Chinese characters on many Mahjong tiles indeed. In this series, calligraphy brings art to Mahjong, while Mahjong makes the calligraphy more colorful and playful. 


All characters were handwritten with colored ink in regular script of Chinese calligraphy. The “tiles” are placed in the same reading direction of a traditional calligraphy work: from top to bottom and from right to left. 


The series has also similar versions written in other calligraphic scripts. 

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