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Kumiko Matsushima

Born in Tokyo.  Studied Economics at Waseda University.  Worked in music industry.  Worked as a freelance journalist.  Moved to California.  Obtained MBA from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.  Product Manager at Cartier Japan.  Worked as an interpreter/translator between Japanese and English including bilingual voice-over for CNN News.  Moved to NY City in 1999.  

As you can see, Kumiko first pursued a business career.  However, she found herself depressed one day, when she was extremely busy trying to achieve the sales goals.  When moved to NYC, she started feeling like painting one day, and she took a few art classes.  To her surprise, her depression got lifted when she started painting.  Prior to that miraculous experience, she saw a funny dream where she had her shoes left-side and right-side reversed. And she came to realize that the dream was the prophecy about her own conversion.  She has been making art under the theme of “dream” since then. 

Graduated from Pratt Institute AAS Program with Highest Honour and Returned to Japan in 2005. Moved to Hong Kong in 2009, in addition to art making, started organizing charity art events for the American Women's Association of Hong Kong.  Moved to Singapore in 2021.  

As a huge Hong Kong lover, Kumiko took advantage of staying in Wanchai where the real and deep HK life exists and rediscovered how beautiful Hong Kong is and how East meets West in Hong Kong in 2021.  She took photos every day and posted one picture a day on SNS in two months from February to April.  As many as twenty two photos among them and a few mixed media and 3D works will be shown in this exhibition, “Hong Kong Colours Plus” to cast a spotlight on the beauty of Hong Kong in culture, tradition, and people’s lives, before they are lost.

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