Jean-Pierre Ruelle 

Jean-Pierre Ruelle was born in 1965 in Bastogne.

He graduated from Institut Saint Luc in Liège in 1986. He was in the class of Hubert Grooteclaes. He has been a professional photographer since 1988. He first worked in several laboratories and professional studios in Brussels, Kinshasa, Luxembourg.


Along with that, he gets involved in more personal work, he develops portraits, street and landscape photography. Everything around him is potential matter, and his sensitivity leads him very naturally towards social reportage. The exhibitions he proposes (« Visages roumains » in 1992, « VIP » in 2003, « No cow no life » in 2005, « Têtes à l’air » in 2007, « Ch... et autres moments silencieux » in 2010, « Trait contemporain » in 2015) progressively reveal the many aspects of the artist.


Jean-Pierre Ruelle likes people, and it is no doubt one of the happy « meanders of life » that makes him one day come across the writer Alain Bertrand. Their meeting will lead them « En Ardenne » (published by Gilson). He also worked with Marc Vandermeir. Together with the latter, he has explored the various races and uses of the draught horse in the book « Cheval de trait, trait contemporain » (published by Weyrich).

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Macau cultural center / Macao / 2013

Sai Yee Street, Flower market / Hong Kong / 2012

70 x 50 cm

Hung Shing Ye Beach, Lamma island / Hong Kong / 2012

120 x 170 cm

Macau cultural center / Macao / 2013

R. de Tomas Viera, Rotundo do Almirante Costa Cabral / Macao / 2013 

120 x 170 cm

Des Voeux road, Central / Hong Kong / 2012

120 x 85 cm