Hyun Joung LEE 

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Born in Seoul, South Korea, Graduate Degree in Visual Arts - Sejong University.

Lives and works in Paris, France.


Imaginary voyages between paradise and earth, path between clouds and valleys, I create starry paths for the eyes. My universe is poetic. Like an inner journey, I invite the viewer on a walk, to follow me through these aerial views. They come from my childhood
in Korea, my endless love of painting, and

my metalworking ; it is from these three aspects that I have constructed my universe. From my past in Korea I keep the memory of materials and the beliefs of my ancestors. Rice paper is the outer layer of these memories, enamel bowls their secret symbols. This paper
was lining the floors of the houses, I saw

it from my childhood height. Thereupon were printed footprints, signs of life, and I already imagined paintings, landscapes.


In France, I took over this raw material, disaggregated it in water, remodelled to remove its smooth, native side, and create an irregular texture, more vivid.

I reappropriated the rice paper to make it more manifest and share my imaginary paths.

Chemin de vie, 2018

Unique piece

Hanji paper, Korean pigment, Muk, Metal

66 x 93 cm

HKD 63,700

Bi, 2020

Unique piece

Hanji, Korean pigment

82 x 55 cm

HKD 51,000

Chemin de vie, 2017

Unique piece

Hanji paper, Muk, Metal

60 x 60 cm

HKD 34,000

Chemin, 2018


Unique piece

Hanji paper Muk

50 x 40 cm

HKD 25,500

Chemin infini, 2018


Unique piece

Hanji paper, Korean pigment

30 x 40 cm

HKD 17,000