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Harold de Puymoring

Originally from Toulouse, France, Harold de Puymorin grew up in an artistic household under the influence of his artist mom who surrounded his childhood with paintings and other forms of art.


He lives in Hong Kong, where he started his photography career.


Harold de Puymorin’s photography is inspired by the joy of going out there, taking the time to wander and explore different neighbourhoods in Hong Kong and Asia and shooting pictures for the pleasure of the process. He is called to original, everyday scenarios involving people's everyday lives, especially in this city where so many things evolve at a tremendous pace. 


“My photography is not about recognition, it’s about self-therapy: does taking this picture make me happy? How much energy, how much of myself, am I willing to put into the project?


Today I consider this part of my everyday life, whether I’m documenting the cityscapes that surround me, scenes of daily life in the streets of Hong Kong, or something altogether more abstract yet visually pleasing.”

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