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Gisèle Tchitchiama is a French artist. Her artistic practice is best-known for investigating the allure of freedom in her pictorial and abstract universe, and gives it form by examining the relationship between colour and brush stroke. Tchitchiama continually tries to clarify the transcendence of identity, an elegant fluidity in which a new sense of peace and gentleness is created.

Tchitchiama concentrates on employing apowerfully evocative dreamscape, using distinctive strokes of paint that are like shadows of both force and lightness, creating a poetry between her profound use of colours, the material used and the act of creating. Tchitchiama Invites us to take a moment to enter our personal cosmos of light and intimacy with oneself, inspiring those who engage with her work, to rediscover the beauty of humanity within oneself. 

Acrylic and watercolour informs Tchitchiama’s work in a way that dictates a universal language of our minds. Often created without any anecdotal or narrative aspect, Tchitchama’s work encompasses the essence of expression, purity and spirituality. 

Inspired by much of Bach, Verlaine and T.S Elliot’s work, Tchitchiama reifies the worlds of these great intellectuals into a new space for viewers to dwell and renew one’s mind. 

Tchitchiama has exhibited extensively internationally, including solo exhibitions at Les Cléias; Petal of Hope, Les Cléias x Gisèle Tchitchiama, Hong-Kong, China, 2020; Le Louvre;The Circle of Life Project, Art shopping, Paris, France, 2019; Culture Club, Light up the other side, Le French May associated program, Hong Kong, China, 2019; The Hong Kong Banker's Club; Light up the other side, The Hong Kong Bankers Club, Hong Kong, 2018; The Verandah; “Brushing your senses”, Peninsula group, Hong Kong, China, 2016; Ethos Gallery;Formes & Lumières; Cultured Solutions, Hong Kong, China, 2015; The Hong Kong Bankers Club; An evening of French Culture, Hong Kong Bankers Club, Hong Kong, China, 2015; Culture Club Gallery; De sources et de vies, Hong Kong, China, 2011; Office du Tourisme du Haut-Lignon; Du bleu au trait, Office du Tourisme du Haut-Lignon, France, 2010; Le Golf du Chambon; Du bleu au trait, Golf du Chambon-sur-Lignon, France, 2010; Régis.B; Du bleu au trait, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France, 2010; Saint Germain-en Laye (private home), Présences rassurantes, France, 2003. Her work is held in European and African and Asian private collections, including the Hong Kong Bankers Club Hong Kong.

Upcoming :

Hart Haus showcase, group exhibitions May 10-June 5 2022; Hong Kong affordable art fair, group exhibition May 2022

©Gisèle Tchitchiama_Pluie mixed media on paper 45.5 cm 46.5 _2022.jpg


Pastels and watercolours on rice paper

53 x 53 cm (framed)

HKD 4,800

©Gisèle Tchitchiama_Untitled mixed media on paper 42.5cm x 46 cm_2022.jpg

Pluie de couleurs

 Pastels and watercolours on rice paper

49 x 53 cm (framed)

HKD 4,800