“A cultural journey" 

by Andrew Yuen,
Chairman of the board, French May


Following the success of “Asia, light, hope and dynamism” in 2018, it gives me great pleasure in collaborating with Children of the Mekong once again to present “Beyond Borders” – an exhibition of 70 art works by 30 international artists. 


The programme of Le French May 2019 has been curated under the theme of “voyage”; and this associated exhibition, “Beyond Borders”, brings us on a cultural journey across different domains.  As the title of the exhibition implies, there are no borders in the world of arts and culture; and we can certainly say the same when it comes to charity. 


Enfants du Mékong is a French NGO helping children along the Mekong River and the Philippines.  René Péchard, a dentist in Vientiane,  adopted two orphans in Laos in 1958 marking the birth of the charity which formally took the name Enfants du Mékong in 1977.  Throughout the past 60 years, the association focused on providing accommodation to children and giving them a quality education.  Today the association supports the construction of over 100 development projects each year in addition to managing their 10 centres and 78 foster homes. 


The 30 socially conscious artists featured in this exhibition are brought together beyond cultural and geographical boundaries with a shared mission of improving the living conditions of under privileged children in Southeast Asia.  This fine collection of photos, inks, water colours and canvases are generously donated by artists from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds and will be sold to benefit Enfants du Mékong.  The proceeds will finance 8 day-care centres for young children living in the garbage dump of Cebu and provide accommodation for 80 under-privileged students in the area.



" 70 amazing works of art by 30 international talents!  All these photos, sculptures and paintings will be sold to fund two much needed humanitarian projects in the Philippines"

 Dr. Andrew S. Yuen