Derry Ainsworth 

My name is Derry Ainsworth, I’m a 27 Year old photographer from Bournemouth in the UK.

After graduating with a degree in Architecture in 2012, I booked a one way flight to Asia with the hope of turning my life upside down.


When I arrived in Hong Kong, I fell in love with the city, the colours and the diversity of the place. I worked in architecture here for 2 years, teaching myself photography until the day that I quit my job to pursue it full time.


In order to survive in one of the world's most expensive cities with just my camera I had to teach myself how to shoot everything and anything from photos to video.


These are my photos, my moments captured. 

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Midnight Rush / Hong Kong / 2017

69,3 x 91,4 cm

Innercity Flow / Hong Kong / 2017

69,3 x 91,4 cm

City Highs / Hong Kong / 2018

70 x 100 cm

Dancing in the night / Hong Kong / 2018

69,3 x 91,4 cm