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Cyril Delettre

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Cyril Delettre is a French artist specialising in photography and videography. His work is a balance between documentary and art.

Hong Kong has inspired him the following series: How To See The Light…Walk the dog, Eclosions HK, After Midnight, Afternoon, Rythmes, Walk Don’t Walk, Wild City and Hopes

In 2018, Delettre documented people living in the Dump Site of Cebu, Philippines, with the help of the NGO Children of the Mekong.

In 2014, Cyril Delettre and Marie-Florence Gros moved to Hong Kong, where they are based now, and founded La Galerie Paris 1839, an art gallery dedicated to photography.

His other photography series include Vibrations, Om, NYC, Eclosions, Impressions, Travelling, and Square Noir.

The series Eclosions was created for a monumental artwork to cover the façade of Gare d’Austerlitz (Station of Austerlitz), during the station’s redevelopment works. The artwork measured 60 metres long and 7 metres tall, and was in place from 2012 to 2015.

In 2012, he directed a short film Execution, based on an original screenplay by Marie-Florence Gros. Producing a special film with a great team, he addressed the subject of the death penalty in a tone of caustic irony.

He released Objectifs de Campagne, a documentary about photojournalists who followed the 2007 electoral campaign. Throughout these reportages, he showed the backstage of electoral campaigns as well as the hard work of photojournalists.

Delettre joined the press agency Imapress in 1989 and then REA in 2002. As a press photographer, he worked closely with multiple French politicians. He has covered a myriad of societal subjects such as illegal immigrants, the closing of the migrants' centre in Sangatte, religious communities and influential women in France. His pictures were featured in important French magazines, including Paris Match, L'Express, VSD, Les Cahiers du Cinéma, Le Nouvel Observateur, and Le Figaro.

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