Cyril Delettre 

Cyril Delettre is a French photographer who lives and works in Hong Kong.

His artworks have been exhibited in Europe and in Hong Kong.


He is eventually working on mixed media special artworks and unique pieces. His previous series explored the metamorphosis of every day’s life into artworks and abstract visions.


From his past as a photojournalist, he kept a humanistic eye, the ability to evoke emotion, which makes his approach of contemporary art always very sensitive.

His work has been showed in Europe, especially in Paris where he has been exhibited in historical monuments, and Asia.


Cyril Delettre and Marie-Florence Gros are the founders of “La Galerie Paris 1839”, an art gallery dedicated to contemporary photography.

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Victoria Harbour / Hong Kong / 2015

33 x 50 cm

Conversation au bord de l'eau / Mandalay, Myanmar / 2017

33 X 50 cm