Laurence de VOGUE

Laurence de Vogüé is known as an artist photographer for her unique style of painting with light. She is drawn to capturing the essence and the magic of the moment. She carefully observes life, feeling and assessing the moment before finally putting the view-finder to her eye. Laurence is tirelessly tracking various movements to capture a unique composition with her experienced use of shutter release. 


In her new work, Laurence focuses on the breathtaking beauty of the seaside. The immensity of perpetual oceans versus the fragility of man. Here again, she immerses herself to capture the moment. 

Acknowledging that people describe her photographs as being like paintings, Laurence said: “I paint with light. My camera is my brush. My canvas is the landscape around me. My paint is the light.” Art critic Eric Dem Collec said: “We have a relationship with her photographs. They transmit an unusual feeling, that of a special tranquility. I had previously only experienced this when looking at certain paintings.” 


Born in Paris in 1976, Laurence studied in Hampshire near Basingstoke when she was younger and in Cambridge later. She has always loved the UK. Her first exhibition in the UK took place in 2017 at The Minster Gallery in Winchester when she was mentioned as “Event not to be missed” by Country Life and received a lot of coverage in the local and national press (see attached some of the articles published in 2017). Her work is exhibited in Paris and Brussels and is found in some of the best art collections in Europe and in the USA. Before becoming an artist photographer, she studied journalism and sociology at the American University of Paris and Berkeley (CA). 

Past exhibitions:

Paris intimes - Oct 2007, Bar Louise, Paris; AAF (Affordable Art Fair) - Brussels - Feb 2009, Galerie de Kessel: Couleurs d’eau - Sept 2009, Galerie Végétal, Paris; Photographies - Nov 2009, Galerie Jeanne Levesque, Paris; Salon de Mai 2010 – May 2010, Paris; Couleurs d’Afrique - June 2010, Galerie Jeanne Levesque, Paris; Expo collective - Afrique - April 2011, Atelier Galerie MP5, Paris; Inside Out (Chicago) - May 2015, Galerie Lorelei, Brussels; Permanent show since 2015, Galerie Lorelei, Brussels; Expo Collective - Dec 2016/Jan 2017, Galerie Lorelei, Brussels; A Vibrant Journey - (New York, Bangkok, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Phuket) - Nov/Dec 2017 - The Minster Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire; Group Show on the Sea - Dec. 2018; and since 2017, gallery artist of The Minster Gallery. 

By Ines Graham,


Laurence de VOGUE - Scène de plage, Biarritz 2018,  80 x 120 cm Edition N°2. Total: 6 Editions  - 25.500 HKD.

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