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Siuman Lo

Siuman Lo is a Hong Kong-based artist. Her works unsettle viewers by tumbling the familiarity of pop icons with a rather sinister and grotesque interpretation.

Viewers are thereby invited to reflect on whether the seemingly innocent visual imagery that bombards us daily may have been benign all along.

“My work mainly addresses the psychological complexities of the human condition and ambiguous relationships. They show the contradictions, awkwardness, predicaments, violence, absurdity, capriciousness and complications in our world.  The grotesque, laughable, stupid images reflect genuinely my perceptions of people and state-of-affairs in society.  I am interested in absurdities in everyday life and piqued by common issues that our lives often revolve. Through my work, I wish to communicate the vast spectrum of human relationships and how they interact both emotionally, physically and psychologically.”

Solo exhibitions


  • 2018 SIUMAN LO - Our Messy Wonderland (Art at Residence, ARTOURAGE)

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