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Sergio Capuzzimati

Born in the southern part of Italy in 1977, he studied Architecture and Interior Design.
In 2012 he moved to China to work as architect: Shanghai it's his first stop and it's here that his passion for photography really exploded. 


In 2016 he moved to Hong Kong, a city that offers infinite sources of inspiration for creative people and photographers in particular. During the years spent in this vibrant environment, he developed and explored different techniques that brought him to find his style and create his particular series of nightscapes and cityscapes. 


“It's hard not to be inspired if you have the passion for photography and you live in a city like Hong Kong. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, too many inputs bombing your senses all at the same time, but this city is able to offer infinite scenarios and possibilities that just wait to be captured on camera. 


Every corner, every detail, has a story to tell with the possibility to build a narrative around it. It's mostly this maelstrom of lights, neon signs, Chinese characters and whatever loudly pops out from the streets one of the main sources of inspiration for Sergio's shots, mixing together the different elements that capture his attention with the use of multiple exposure.” 

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