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Saúl Rodriguez Montante Mendez, AKA SAUZOI

Saúl is the young promise of Mexican plastic art. He has participated in various international art festivals and has exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, and Florida. He recently participated in the Miami art week exhibition for Bitbasel in December 2022. His last award was won last October at the Akimatsuri Nagoya festival, organized by the Japanese government in Mexico. 


‘Un nuevo cielo mexicano / A new Mexican sky’, the latest productions of the painter Sauzoi show that he has resolutely embarked on the broad and multifaceted path of the abstract landscape. 


In his watercolors, both the dynamic impulsiveness of the brushstroke and the radiant chromatic serenity reign uncontested; the enjoyment that their contemplation provokes is simultaneously vertiginous and rhythmic.


From a wide perspective he takes us to the confines of a Mexico alive and full of color, he allows us to glimpse its valleys, lagoons, deserts, mangroves, mountains, almost all of Mexico. His moving pictographic horizons, both external and internal visions, show clearly saturated and dissolving combinations of the brushstrokes, dynamism full of light and fluidity that his landscapes communicate, in the wise and simple expressiveness of his brushstrokes.

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