Christine BLOM

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« Working with clay is a moment of pure sensations. A kind of accomplishment of myself. It’s such a blessing to be able to play with this material and express my emotions. Telling a story, the feeling of the moment, is the main purpose of my work. »

Christine Blom  started sculpture classes in 2006 in Brussels in Annabelle Hyvrier’s studio. She stayed there for 2 years learning the essential basics of figurative sculpture.

For 6 years, after moving to Lisbon, Portugal in 2008, she discovered the art of ceramics and learnt different techniques such as glazing. Christine studied at the Fine Art University of Lisbon and at Helena Abrantes’s studio.

In 2013, she moved back to Paris for a year and worked at the Rrose Selavy studio. 

This dynamic and passionate artist and entrepreneur is now based in Hong Kong and founded the community multidisplinary creative space « Bulle d’Art » which she inaugurated in April 2018. There, she devotes herself as much to the creation of her works as to the organisation of group classes and curating exhibitions.

Christine Blom is well known for her « piece unique » ceramics figures. She has participed in many group exhibitions and her ceramics are shown by « Carré d’artistes » gallery in HK and Paris.

In 2019, for the first she made her emblematic artpiece in bronze in Bangkok, collaborating with the team of the Well known french sculptor Val.

She is planning to continue Bulle d’Art journey between Bangkok and HK.

Couple N1: We care, We trust, We believe

Clay (on a metallic stand)

45 x 22 cm 

HKD 18,000

Dream Big

Clay (on a metallic stand)

71 x 12 cm 

HKD 10,000