Lise Guillon_portrait.jpeg

Lise Guillon Sursol is an 18 year old student at the French International School of Hong Kong, majoring in arts and geopolitics.


Curious about all types of arts since a young age, she started practicing photography in her early teenage years as a hobby, which later developed into a deep passion. Inspired by everyday life and small happenings in life, she got into the habit of taking her camera everywhere she goes. Photography offered itself as a means of showing her reality, through her perspective.

This interest led her to discover the world of cinema. Immediately fascinated by the diversity and artistic techniques of this industry, she developed a profound affection for French films as well as Korean movies. But the theoretical aspect of photography and films is also something that really feeds her creativity. She is hoping for next year to study contemporary media cultures and cinema in London or Paris.

Upside Down, 2018

Danian, Guanxi, China


Edition N°6/15

Total: 15 Editions (N°7 to N°15 on order)

70 x 50 cm

HKD 2,500HKD (framed)

The Restaurant, 2019

Aberdeen, Hong Kong


Edition N°2/10

Total: 15 Editions (N°3 to N°10 on order)

30 x 40 cm

HKD 1,250HKD (framed)

Utopia, 2017

Dune du Pilat, France


Edition N°1/10

Total: 15 Editions (N°2 to N°10 on order)

30 x 40 cm

HKD 1,250HKD (framed)