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Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze was born in Paris in 1987. He graduated with a Masters in Creative Media at the East Paris University. He moved to Hong Kong in 2009 and since 2010 he has been pointing his camera on Hong Kong to
document the different aspects of his new home city.

Stunned by the architectural race to the sky and the three dimensional character
of Hong Kong where lifts connect so many people and business they earn a street name, he published his first book with Asia One: ‘Vertical Horizon’ (p.2012). The work was a hit a on social media and soon after spread like wild fire over the internet world wide and received attention from heavy weight local and international press.

Motivated by the international bravo he continued to make new projects exploring Hong Kong’s unique landscape. Wild Concrete (p. 2014) depicts nature’s resilience in an urban environment. The Blue Moment (p. 2016) is a
body of work exploring duality of Hong Kong’s nature and urbanity during this magic hour at dusk. While Concrete Stories (p. 2018) collects a variety of human activities found on Hong Kong’s rooftops.

‘City Poetry’ is Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze’s most personal project to date, a photographic exercise that shows the artist further deepening his roots in Hong Kong and Cantonese culture. How might a photographer approach learning a language? Through photography of course.

Hong Kong Culture (香港文化), 2018
Archival pigment print


Edition N°3/8

Total: 8 Editions + 1 AP (N°4 to N°6 on order)

80 x 20 cm + 5 cm white bleed

With the Courtesy of BLUE LOTUS GALLERY 
HKD 9,500 (framed)

The World is my Home (四海為家), 2019

Archival pigment print


Edition N°1/8

Total: 8 Editions + 1 AP (N°2 to N°4 on order)

80 x 20 cm + 5 cm white bleed

With the Courtesy of BLUE LOTUS GALLERY 
HKD 9,500