Calligrapher(書道家) , Seal engraver (篆刻家)


ATELIER KOU Hong Kong COMPANY LIMITED representative


-1968: She was born in Fukuoka.  From 3 years old I am familiar with writing brushes.


-1993: She established style fit limited company.


-2013: She launched ATELIER KOU Hong Kong COMPANY LIMITED subsidiary in Hong Kong.「From Fukuoka to Asia and to the world: Live Calligraphy performance in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phnom Pen. She had calligraphy classroom and related activities.


Exhibit History :

From 2011 to 2014 at Fukuoka City, Tenjin.

Hong Kong 2012.


Main performance rally ,performance live and lecture :

Hong Kong Hitachi 50th anniversary event.

NTT West Japan NTT West Japan Fukuoka Branch.

Global Management Conference in Kyushu Grand Hyatt Fukuoka.

Royal University of Cambodia Phnom Penh University July 2017.

JAPAN EXPO IN Bangkok Scheduled for September 2017.


Award history :

The 29th Yomiuri Legal Exhibition Winner.

The 29th & 30th Japan Excavation Exhibition.

The 32nd Japan Intercourse Exhibition Encouragement Award.

Hatou; Big Wave: Chance & Climacteric,  Fukuoka Japan 2019, Calligraphy  56 x 43 cm - 3.500 HKD

Yoi Machi Gusa: Fragile Love, a poem of artist Takehisa Yumeji, Fukuoka Japan 2019, Calligraphy, 70 x 40 cm - 3.500 HKD

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