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La Galerie 1839


We founded La Galerie

in Hong Kong during Summer 2014. 

La Galerie specialize

in photography.

We show international and local artists,

we sell to collectors and museums.

Arriving from France, we already heard about Enfants du Mekong, Children of the Mekong, and then living in Asia brought us to a better understanding of their action.

We discovered the team and the great work they accomplish, through our collectors - as an art gallery - who invited us to visit the annual exhibition of Children of the Mekong.


Then, Cyril Delettre, co-founder of the gallery proposed me to go to Philippines. He is a photographer himself, former photojournalist for years, and artist for more than a decade. He wanted to catch the reality of the children, to offer the association a reportage on the reality of this changing lives.


I accompanied Cyril Delettre.

We met the kids, but also the adults who testified of their enlightened past, who eventually also chose to dedicate themselves to the Charity as they wanted to give back some of what they had received.

Photo : © Cyril DELETTRE – 2018 – Cebu, Philippines. Young girl working on the Dump Site. 

Participating to the action of Children of the Mekong is a joy.

We decided to support the association, giving art pieces for the annual events, offering reportage and pictures for their communication, curating the large exhibition in The Pulse in 2021 and hosting the current 2022 exhibition.


There is so much to do, and it is worth every single effort.


La Galerie, based 74 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, usually shows contemporary artists like Vincent Fournier (France), Giraffe (Hong Kong),

Camille Levert (France-Hong Kong), whose works will be exhibited at Art Central 2022 – 26-29 May.


Marie-Florence Gros 


IcelandMoonMarsSimulation #12.jpg

©Vincent FOURNIER -  Iceland Moon Mars Simulation #12 - MS2 Spacesuit, ISE, Islande, 2021-Edition 1/10 + 2AP 

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