Saskia Wesseling’s passion for photography started in her early years, being taught the principles of ISO, shutter-speed and aperture by her father. Throughout her life she has always found ways to tell stories; either through the medium of radio documentaries, by
writing articles and surely by using photography.

With her photo essay for the SCMP about backstreet barbers she takes you by the hand into this hidden world. The Yunnan series
she created, brought the Southern part of China passionately tothe readers of the National Geographic Traveller. Her latest series about academic pressure on children sends a strong message to the world, to balance education and the well being of children. This series in nominated for the WMA Master Photography award. 

Saskia puts a curious lens on unexposed stories to open a broader perspective, so that her photography will enrich this world with
contrasting colors and uncommon views on society. The Glamour in the unglamorous series of which the exhibited photos are part of was
her way to get to know Hong Kong and make portraits of the city.

    An Invitation, Hong Kong 2017, N°1, Total 8 Editions (N°2 to N°8 on order), 76 x 50 cm - 6.000 HKD 

    Gliting City Blue, Hong Kong 2017, N°1,

    Total 8 Editions (N°2 to N°8 on order),

    120 x 80 cm - 8.500 HKD 

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