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Matt Mak

Matt is a Hong Kong artist who graduated from the UK, University of Central England, BIAD, Visual Communication in 2005. The Chinese University of Hong Kong – CUSCU – Western Art 2019 and New Ink Art 2022.

Matt has created oil painting for 20 years, and he started focusing on creating his unique style of modern ink paintings in 2019. He studies from nature where it reflects the inner state of mindfulness to him and applies it to his own fantasy Metaverse using a diverse range of pigments and materials, including liquid chrome, fluorescent and mineral pigment. His artworks truly embody the beauty of East meets West concept and delivers a unique visual experience to the audience.

Matt’s artwork was selected in Ink Global 2021, as one of top 500 ink artists from around the world. He has participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs in Hong Kong. Currently, he serves as the executive secretary of the Contemporary Innovative ink Painting Association, and a member of The Art of Creative Painting Association.

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