Julie & Jesse is an art/design ceramic studio established in Hong Kong & Jingdezhen by designer Julie Progin and artist Jesse Mc Lin.

Their projects have been exhibited at institutions such as M+ Museum, Design Society and Musée Magnelli.

Fragment(s) chronicles the history, breakage and decay of a distressed ceramic production mould Julie & Jesse collected at an abandoned factory area of Jingdezhen, city known as the Chinese capital of porcelain.

The duo casted new pieces from the mould to reveal the beauty and poetics in its physical deterioration - to celebrate what would otherwise be discarded.


With each cast produced, the vessel bears less of a resemblance to its original appearance as the mould continues to erode and break down. The shape evolves into a new one whilst retaining an archetypal half as Julie & Jesse carefully keep 50% of the mould intact - a tribute to what the form used to look like. 


“Our process perpetuates and elaborates the designs the factory was producing - it gives new life to the mould, turning flaws into a desirable feature and the manufacturing of identical pieces into individuals”.


In each piece Julie & Jesse have singled out a broken fragment of the mould, which has been given a colour accentuating the part of the shape that changed over the course of making the work. The colour speaks of the history of ceramic production Jingdezhen is famous for.

J&J - Fragments 1 


Pair of vases

Edition 1/3

HKD 6,800

J&J - Fragments 2 


Pair of vases

Edition 2/3

HKD 6,800

J&J - Fragments 3 


Pair of vases

Edition 3/3

HKD 6,800