Claire Coutrel is a mural artist based in Hong Kong. After a ten year career in retail, Claire joined an artists’ studio, painting commissioned murals. Claire is now a full time independent artist developing her body of work my hk love letters.  


Claire has installed dozen of my hk love letters ephemeral art installations and murals throughout Hong Kong from Cheung Chau Island to Soho and the Observation Wheel.


With these anonymous love letters in the streets, Claire just wanted to say that in these trying times HongKongers are on her mind. Awaiting no response, she was surprised by how people in the streets said they were touched by the love letters.


Keen to propose an inclusive vision of Hong Kong, she is now working on a series of my hk love letters portraits with different charities like Love 21 Foundation (supporting people living with Down syndrome and autism) and Uplifters (empowering overseas workers in Hong Kong).


my hk love letters


Unique pieces 1 to 4

Plastic woven canvas made from Hong Kong’s traditional tarp

Spray paint, acrylic, copper leaves imitation gold

Size 40 x 40 cm

HKD 2,500

Work in production, indicative photo

my hk love letters - mailbox

Unique pieces 1 to 4

Spray paint, copper leaves imitation gold on traditional mailbox

Size 18 x 30 x 4 cm

HKD 1,000