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Ophelia works across a wide array of mediums, including photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture.

Her work is intensely personal, revealing intimate details of her soul and thoughts.

Her delicate techniques embody her ideas. Her sensitive approach acts upon traditional convention often governing the representation and vision of the body.The human body stands as a perfect subject with regards to her background both from fashion and fine arts. After a long study on the body as an envelope, she turned her focus to the intangible, such as mental madness,or the fetal memories.

Ophelia Jacarini's series of delicate embroidery artworks are usually shown "solo" in locations around the world. For the first time, the artist has agreed to reveal some of the pieces during the BEYOND BORDERS exhibition.


Through Bejart, Jacarini seeks to recreate the beauty of a dance performance with the wind acting as a choreographer.A mixture of art, dance and movement is fundamental to the series. Each piece is created with cotton rope overlaid on a transparent fabric to create a sense of constant motion. Showcased in construction sites, empty buildings and other architectural sites, each installation is open to the elements – becoming a temporary part of the local environment. As an art form, dance relies on the movement of bodies. Dance is not fixed but can leave a lasting impression on the viewer. As a performance art, dance is truly ephemeral. It is like a temporary drawing; it disappears when the movement ends. So the drawing can be written over, or rewritten at any time. Each performance has to be drawn again the next evening. The dance can be performed again, but this repetition itself marks it as different.”

Like dancers, the human bodies portrayed in Bejart are like fleeting artworks that begin to fade seconds after they have formed. Animated by the wind, the moment of its performance is the moment of its disappearance. A trained dancer, Jacarini is captivated by the endless aesthetic and formal possibilities of the materiality of the human body. 

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Artworks from "BEJART" Collection, 2018, Silk, cotton, 140 x 200 cm -

Not for Sale