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KC Wong

A multi-disciplinary artist, KC Wong has been involved in illustration & animation production, visual merchandising, and art creation. KC has worked on commercial visual communication projects with companies in both Hong Kong and China. 

KC is the founder of “Sick Sick Creation" - a creative agency focusing at story-telling, as well as brand building. 

KC brings a depth of experience in visual communication to his creations, with a BA (Hons) in Design and Visual Communication (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2003), and qualifications in Advertising Design and Computer Art and Design. 

- 2003 Hong Kong Polytechnic University – BA (hons) in Visual Communication & Environmental Design 

- 1999 Hong Kong Institute of Vocation Education – Diploma in Advertising & Packaging Design 

- 1996 Space, The University of Hong Kong – Certificate in Computer Art & Design 

KC creates the series of RidiculouSneakers in mid 2019, the first launch in Nov., 2019 at ArtNext Expo. He keeps seeking opportunities to work with various platform.

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