Antoine RAMEAU 

Antoine Rameau (b. 1974) is a French mixed-media artist living in Hong Kong for 8 years. Having lived in Paris, Toulouse, New York and Glasgow, Rameau travelled the world, exploring cultures, drawing, taking photos and nurturing his passion for nature, humankind, storytelling, mythology and history.

Inspired by an eclectic range of sources including comics, Pop Art, Street Art and the Recycled Art movement, Rameau started experimenting with collage early on. He explored different techniques, from Surrealist juxtaposition to Cubist construction, and slowly developed his unique style while collecting evocative images of mixed origins and turning them into oneiric new visual worlds. Each collage tells an elaborate story filled with multiple symbols, historical and mythological references, messages which viewers can interpret based on their own experiences.

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His works are fully hand-made: all pictures and papers are cut, transformed, sometimes painted, and glued together through a complex and meticulous “recycling” process. Rameau loves the idea of “giving photos and old book pages a true second-life” being part of a new visual creation. “Sometimes, papers that I mixed have absolutely nothing in common but I amazingly feel they were meant to be assembled together”, he says.

His last creations draw from a singular combination of vintage photographs, antic road maps and naval charts, old books, comics and newspapers. More recently, following a trip to Japan where he discovered the traditional ukiyo-e woodblock printing, Rameau has started to paint and print with black ink on his collages.

In October 2018, he joined the artists group HART HAUS studio and now works in this collective atelier, located in Kennedy Town. There, from May 9th to 23rd 2019, he will present his latest black ink-painted collages series: LIFE IS A JOURNEY, as part of LE FRENCH MAY arts festival.

Rameau's work is regularly shown in galleries and art fairs in Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong (even in the Hong Kong tramway: on the walls, ceilings and benches of coach #151).

A fervent bagpacking-style traveller, Rameau exclusively created a series of black ink-painted collages for Enfants du Mékong, using various paper calendars collected in China, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, where the NGO is operating.

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Mékong I, Hong Kong 2019, Red and Blue ink-painted collage on foam board, Collage with papers collected in Mekong countries, 77x77cm, Edition N°1,

Total: 8 Editions (N°2 to N°8 on order)   12.000 HKD