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Adrian Chan

Adrian Chan (b. 1995) is a mixed media artist from Hong Kong, best know for his bold expression in pixelated self-portraits. Exploring the theme of identity, the artist’s grid-like execution and the natural glistening of oil paint strokes are intended to create an optical obscurity for the audience. When viewers attempt to take a photograph of the work, a lovely surprise awaits as the silhouette of the subject matter reveals itself under the camera lens.

Adrian graduated with a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong in 2019, specialising in painting and illustration. The artist has since exhibited at several art fairs including Art Central, Fine Art Asia, Affordable Art Fair and Artaverse. In 2021, Adrian tool part in ‘Talking Heads’, a group exhibition co-hosted by The Spectacle Group and Holly’s International, with his work placed alongside those of renowned British artist, Adam Neate. His NFT, Thoughts in a Steam Room, was recently featured in HK01.

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