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Jeong Muyng-Jo

Jeong Myung-Jo (b. 1970) was born in Korea and was inspired to pursue art by the beauty of Korean traditional clothes.

However, Jeong’s work does not merely present colors and patterns. Looking at a woman in a beautiful traditional dress who has her back to the audience, one would find the age-long remorseful lament of traditional Korean women or discover the destiny of the Korean people of having to carry the past wherever they go.


Viewers are bound to interpret the painting in the context of society and history, and from the perspective of self-identity. 

Her works have been exhibited at ARTSIDE Gallery in Korea, Gana Art Center in Korea and Art Central in Hong Kong.

Her works are also housed by Hansol Cultural Foundation in Korea, Amorepacific Museum of Art and Standard Chartered in the United Kingdom.

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