Gaud (b.1976) is a French female artist. She moves to Hong Kong in 2014, and becomes an artist hirer of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, and a member of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society.

She paints and sculpts live models since 2008 and develops specific projects related to people’s identity, intimacy and inner-self.

As a professional artist, Gaud likes to continuously renew her work looking for creative challenges. She is best known for her sculptures made of terracotta, plaster and bronze,  or her mix media artworks, yet she progressively introduces new media in her projects. She is influenced by the Nabis, Fauvists and Surrealists, and female artists such as Diane Arbus, Louise Bourgeois or Sophie Calle.

Since her childhood, she attends workshops and continuing trainings in French Art Schools such as l’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, les Ateliers des Arts Décoratifs, and private studios in Paris.

Her sculptures are subsequently shown in Europe and Hong Kong in Art Fairs, Solo & group exhibitions and Charity’s auctions. 

About Hidden Lives:


The thematic of human beings' identity is central to Gaud’s work. She either chooses to capture a single moment or tells an entire story. Suggestion and imagination take always an active part in Gaud's art pieces. 

For the exhibition Beyond Borders, Gaud has re-interpreted the concept of borders by extending it to the limit existing between the individuals’ private sphere and the public sphere. 

Therefore, Gaud has been seeking for the most instagrammed residential spots in Hong Kong, where people live while others come to take their best shot, post it on social media and leave for the next graphic spot. 

Yick Cheong building is one of them. Known for its incredibly dense and stacked flats, this residential building hides thousands of lives and years of neighborhood history. The numerous windows and colorful balconies are like huge graphic pixels coming out of the building, which is probably a reason why the building is so popular amongst insta-spots hunters. 

The woman's face shown just beneath the surface symbolises the memory of these walls and the successive lives that have occupied these homes. 

Gaud likes to build bridges between media such as sculpture, photography, digital art or painting. For her new series, she has chosen to paint and mix 2 layers of images, like a double exposure photograph, providing a dream-like and nostalgic effect, giving free rein to the viewer’s imagination.


What is in my mind when I create is deeply personal but it matters equally that my artworks engage others to connect with the deep-rooted simplicity and sensitivity of human being. There is a sense of life and humanity in the artworks I create which often seem quite pensive and deep in thought.


+852 5508 6076

Instagram, FB: gaud_sculpture

twitter: gaud.sculpture

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Hidden Lives, Hong Kong 2019, 60 x 90 cm, Acrylic, Pencil on canvas, Edition N°1. Total: 20 Editions (N°2 to N°20 on order) - SPECIAL CHARITY PRICE 4.500 HKD

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GAUD - "Rainbow", Hong Kong 2019, 50 x 50 cm, Acrylic, Pencil on canvas,  Edition N°1. Total: 20 Editions (N°2 to N°20 on order)  -  SPECIAL CHARITY PRICE 2.500 HKD