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Marc Progin is a Swiss adventurer, photographer and writer in his seventies, often travelling in space, mainly the one of Mongolia since he retired from time and being a watchmaker.

Struck by the light and the beauty of the deserts, he photographs to give evidence of his journeys, stories and poetry. But it is from his physical performance the artistic one is generated. A seasoned long distance trail runner, he is tough enough to power himself and his bicycle that he uses as a mean of transportation for off road journeys, land exploration and his mind travelling.

He designs his own maps, navigates with the sun, the stars and a compass in all the 4 seasons, backed by minimum logistics, trading his bicycle for hiking boots and camels when tackling ice, snow, blizzard and temperature of minus 40 during his winter trips.

In these journeys, even the most difficult ones, Marc Progin never separates from his cameras, above all to share what he lives, sees and the beauty of these moments of eternity.

Back to basics and the simple life of the nomads, Marc has abandoned urban civilization for months at a time during each of the past 20 years, to ride his bicycle alone, across a land bereft of borders and fences. In all four seasons, he has spent between 10 to 14 hours daily, climbing hundreds of lofty passes, crossing the gigantic steppe, the Altaï and Kanghai mountains, cutting through Siberian forests and the 33 deserts that form the Mongolian Gobi. He has encountered all of Mongolia's ethnic groups, most of them of Türk and Mongol origin, learning the sense of humility that comes from living in simple, harsh yet strikingly beautiful surroundings.

Marc writes chronicles, gives lectures to adults and school kids with stunning slideshows. His photo collection tops 40.000 images compiled since 1999 and the time he travelled more than 30.000 km. on bicycle, foot and on board of camel caravans across the land of Mongolia.


Main photos exhibitions :

2006 - Vastness, Magnificence and Simplicity - HK Foreign Correspondent's club.

2013 - Nomads, Caravans and Migrations - Latitude 22n Gallery - HK.

2013 - The Mei Ho House project - HK Heritage Society.

2016 - The Spatial odyssey back in times - Latitude 22n Gallery - HK.

Forthcoming Autumn 2019 - Deserts, Oases and Dinosaurs - Latitude 22n Gallery - HK


Main lectures / conferences : (english or french)

- Royal Geographical Society HK / CH-Lausanne University / CH-Neuchâtel Academy...

- American HK society / Swiss business council HK/ French international school...


Main TV, radio shows :  

- RTHK, TVB Pearl 2017 : The Works 

- RTHK, Radio 3 - 2018 : World vibes

Marc website :

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    The journey back in time, Désert de Mongol Els, Mongolie 2014, Edition N°1, Total: 50, Editions (N°2 to N°50 on order), French Cleat 120 x 80cm - 

    17.500 HKD + book offered

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    Heaven’s gate, Désert de Gobi, Mongolie 2017, Edition N°1,

    Total: 50 Editions (N°2 to N°50 on order), French Cleat, 120 x 80cm - 17.500 HKD + Book offered