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Guille Blancarte

Guille Blancarte picture2.jpg

Winner of the "Life below water" category of the Bitabasel 2022 CryptoArt for Impact Challenge at Miami Art Week with her NFT "I Wonder", which will be part of the first collection at the Lunaprise Moon Museum on the Moon and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. The museum is scheduled to launch to the moon at the end of June 2023.


She experienced the rebelliousness of her adolescence through the new wave and Brit-pop of the time. Since then, music has been a fundamental part of her life. That led her to work for many years as an art director in the music industry, creating everything related to music: album covers, flyers, posters, etc.


She loves science fiction, she is a film buff. She finds thinking, dreaming, creating other possible worlds wonderful and stimulating. That's why she uses contrasting colors, abstracts landscapes and people, to turn them into color, lines and geometric shapes. For this reason she works many of his pieces in vector (digital illustration). She also uses acrylics and pencil on canvas or paper.


She was born and raised in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in Mexico. So when she is at sea she feels at home. Her Golden hour collection is a tribute to her hometown. The colors and textures of nature always move her.

The artwork Sunset 17, 2022, Golden Hour Collection, is part of a Collection 55 pieces of 25 x 25 cm that inspire the work "I Wonder" which will be one of the 222 NFTs launched to the moon in 2023 to form the first Lunapraise space museum orbiting in a nanotechnology disc with a 1 billion year durability. Winning piece of the Crypto Art Challenge for Sustainability at BITBASEL Miami art week, December 2022.

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