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"A door opened to a path, a path opening to other horizons, past influences from Far East; this is the fabulous journey Lumeun Home is inviting you to embark for. A journey that will make you travel through an eclectic selection of vintage furniture and unique home accessories and objects alike from Asia that when nicely blended, will sublimate any kind of interior, even the most contemporary. All pieces selected by Lumeun Home are hand-picked with love and hand-renovated with care in small ateliers by craftsmen who respect the original marks of each object. Marks, veins, imperfections, this is where at Lumeun Home, we find the quintessence of beauty. Our mission as a brand, is to create a community of mindful home decor lovers who respect cultural heritage and collective memories conveyed in each of our objects. So open your door and let our objects tell you their story."

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    LUMEUN - Traditional cane screen panel, Bamboo, 1300 x 1700 cm, 4.800 HKD