Aurore BARON 

Take round


I want to get lost,

I want to be free,

I want to be alone,

I want to loose sleep,

I want to stop the clock.


Time goes away with who I was

And with my thoughts,

I catch them,

I throw them onto paper,

I am out of control,

I leave stains on my hands,

I leave a part of who I am.


I am a stranger to this culture,

I experience as I walk,

I want to express myself.

I take my pen out of my pocket,

I print images of where I’ve been,

I take out documents I collected,


Time stops,

Thoughts fly,

Switch page

And Take Round.

Aurore is an emerging Artist based in Paris. Her work is deeply influenced by her experience in Asia where she lived fifteen years. She studied Fine Arts Photography at Savannah college of Art and Design(Hong-Kong).
Her photography making evolves since she started making photographs to communicate about her new life in Hong Kong in 2009.

A lot of her inspiration came from the darkroom where she discovered the freedom of playing around with different compositions, camera techniques and contact-sheets. Since a
few years, her work has been slowly shifting towards mix-media techniques and image making.


Constructing images,associating them and creating a new sense to her photographs started to be an obsession while keeping a
great pleasure to photograph her daily life. In her work, she questions different subjects through her series including identity, cultural differences,time and personal reflection.

Sun Goes Down, Take Round Series 2015-2017, 40 x 65 cm, Edition N°2.

Total: 5 Editions (N°3 to N°5 on order) -  6.400 HKD

An Island in the middle of the sea, Take Round Series 2015-2017, 40 x 65 cm Edition N°3. Total: 5 Editions (N°3 to N°5 on order) - 6.400 HKD

Majong Players,

Take Round Series 2015-2017, 40 x 65 cm Edition N°2.Total: 5 Editions (N°3 to N°5 on order) - 6.400 HKD

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