Christine Blom 

Founder, sculptor, art consultant and curator.

I started Sculpture in 2006 in Belgium and it was the beginning of something very important in my life. I stayed there for 2 years taking classes at Annabelle Hyvrier’s studio. When I moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2008 it was impossible to find sculpture classes so I discovered the art of ceramics. For 6 years, I learnt different techniques and explored glazing. In parallel, I studied at the Fine Art University of Lisbon and started to mix sculpture and ceramic techniques on my own creations. I started to exhibit my work and organized exhibitions for others also.


In 2013, I moved back to Paris and worked at the Rose Selavy studio for one year.


Now based in Hong Kong, I work at the Visual Arts Centre as a teacher and member of the ceramics studio. I curated 2 exhibitions in 2017 and did 2 exhibitions as associated projects of the French May (2016 and 2017). In 2017, I organized two masterclasses with foreigner artists.


Sculpture teacher at the VAC and Lump studio, I now have my own art space “Bulle d’Art” in Aberdeen.

I like tall figures, textures, colors and special effects……all is about EMOTIONS.

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The Bird

The Tree