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Chaussette b

chaussette b. is a pseudonym for a Hong Kong based visual artist.

Born in France, she worked professionally in the fashion industry in Paris and Hong Kong for 15 years before deciding to explore all the things she always wanted to experiment with, whether driving a truck, wood working, brazing metal... 

This exploration process led to an unexpected breakthrough in 2016 whereby she picked up the camera for the first time.

Nude and Portrait photography became a portal into which she took her first steps as an artist.

Her paintography process is the combination of a large score of photographs, captured in her studio with nearby objects, textures, her body, orchestrated digitally. Emerging from her joy to transform objects, she found an unlimited playground to tell her stories by adding and combining elements taken from life and the material world.

After a frozen shoulder, she had to stop using her camera which would go on to transform her artwork from paintography to mixed-media works, even moving into sculpture.

Starting from 2020, her work sees bamboo, ropes, textile, scraps and other tactile materials introduced.

The act of reusing and translating what is around her echoes the paintography process in physical form, putting aside the digital and moving away from the pictorial.

Her art is personal, interweaving meaning and stories with the deeper goal of learning, sharing and healing at the heart of it.

Dialogue generated from sharing the trauma that stimulated the work allows for learning and distance to be taken from it, whilst opening a space for people to connect with their own humanity.


chaussette b. had solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan and been selected to show work at Le French May, Inter-island Festival, Cheung Chau Wave and Art Taipei.

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