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Charles de Vaivre

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Charles de Vaivre is a French born photographer.


Charles got involved with photography when his grandfather, a filmmaker and producer, raises his curiosity for art and his taste for images and offers him a camera when he is only 8 years old.


Much later, when the question arose of what to choose for his further education, he opted for Design. 

Those years of study at Strate College and more generally in artistic creation, have developed his graphic and conceptual capacities and enhanced his natural disposition to convey his emotions otherwise than through words.


In 2006 he decided to take the leap and to switch from design to photography.


Charles loves to compose his images like the painters do: the framing and the light –each picture must have the right balance between full and empty in order to be graphic and dynamic – are patiently and thoroughly defined until he succeeds to transcribe what he is seeing and what he is feeling.


Between 2007 and 2010 Charles is working on a photographic series that show the interaction between gardens and architecture: “New York Rooftop Gardens”, edited by teNeues in Mai 2011 turned out to be his first outstanding work and has met with a great success.


In 2013 he settled in New York, where he is represented by Artstar Gallery. He is also working in close collaboration with architects, interior decorators and landscapers, providing them the images of their creations. 

He also fulfils private orders and polishes his artistic work.


And then, in 2018, he leaves for Hong Kong. Since December 2019 Charles hasn’t left the Hong Kong territory, only to focus on a large photographic series, Hong Kong.


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