Caroline BOUQUET

BOUQUET Caroline Portrait.jpg

Caroline Bouquet is a French Artist.

After studying in la Sorbonne Law and history Caroline Bouquet holds a post graduate degree in history and public law.

Also holding a Post Graduate in Fine Arts, majoring in etching she has developed a portfolio about exploration and cartography. Multitalented artist she works with painting, etching, and porcelain.

Since more than thirty years, she has exhibited internationally.

Totems “Contemporary Tribes”:

By creating spiritual links we achieve to be part of a tribe. These contemporary tribes use the same language, share the same totem. Primarily connection is made by the print, the colors, like the colors of the Earth.

Belonging nowhere and everywhere, we are contemporary nomads with a belonging need. With the connection to the Earth we bond our souls in the same kinfolk.

Kakemono-Serie Totem Red


Monotype on Xuen Paper, Framed in double Plexiglas

70 x 49 cm

HKD 15,000