Antonia VILLET

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Born in Shanghai and raised throughout Asia, Antonia Villet is a young artist passionate about painting, drawing, and photography. She is also an aspiring architect hoping to participate in creating a better and more sustainable world. Antonia is inspired by her colorful environment and joyful mindset. She often incorporates recycled materials into her artwork and uses bright colors in order to bring them to life.


Previous exhibitions : 

The Upcycling Art Fair, Hong Kong, 2021

Make it Work HK,  Charity Art Auction and Exhibition, 2021

Urban Colorz, Soho House, Hong Kong, 2022

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Timeless,December 2021


Collage of newspapers on canvas

60.9 x 72.2 cm

HKD 6,000

Psychedelic Bamboo Forest.jpg

Psychedelic Bamboo Forest, 2022


Spraypaint on curtain,

acrylic on bamboo

2.2m x 1m


HKD 8,000

Bouée Bleue_Jaune.jpg
Bouée Bleue_Jaune1.jpg
Bouée Bleue_Jaune2.jpg

Bouée Bleue/Jaune, Hong Kong 2022

Medium: Acrylic on buoy / Large


HKD 1,500

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Bouée Tropicale, Hong Kong 2022

Medium: Acrylic on buoy / Medium


HKD 900

Bouée Baleine.jpg
Bouée Baleine1.jpg

Bouée Baleine Hong Kong 2022

Medium: Acrylic on buoy / Medium


HKD 900