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Antonia Villet

Antonia Villet picture.jpeg

Antonia Villet is a Shanghai-born, Asia-raised artist with a passion for painting, drawing, and photography. Drawn to the power of art and architecture to address pressing social and environmental issues, she aspires to use her creative talents to create a more sustainable world. Antonia's vibrant environment and joyful mindset inspire her work, which she infuses with recycled materials and bright colors to bring to life. The work presented displays the strong emotions and feelings attached to her dynamic surroundings.


Antonia's artwork has been exhibited at a range of events in Hong Kong, including the Upcycling Art Fair and Make it Work HK Charity Art Auction and Exhibition in 2021, as well as the Children of the Mékong exhibition at La Galerie Paris 1839 and Urban Colorz at Soho House in 2022. Her work is a testament to her commitment to using art as a catalyst for positive change and to her unique perspective as a global citizen.

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