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Aleksandr AVAGYAN

Aleksander Avagyan_photo.jpg

Aleksandr Avagyan (b. 1990) in Yerevan, ex-RSS of Armenia, lives and works in the Paris region. Trained at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Aleksandr left for Marseille in 2012. After a short passage through the Beaux Arts, he continued his studies in Plastic Arts at the University of Aix-Marseille where he defended his thesis in 2017. 

Since 2014, Aleksandr has been interested in the notions of area, place and synthetic landscape. Influenced by his experience in the northern neighborhoods of Marseille and being denied the right to return to his native country for many years, his landscapes become more and more impersonal and neutral - until tending towards the abstract. Also interested in the political maps of the world, and in particular in the self-proclaimed countries not recognized by the international society, Aleksandr tries to embody zones of resistance through his painting.

Armed with an extremely colorful and vivid palette, his works, now abstract, leave the classical perimeter of the format to spread towards more surprising forms, sometimes even three-dimensional. The patches of color that he calls "zones", sometimes neighbor and cohabit, but also collide and enter into conflict. Thanks to the introduction of volume, the painting takes on a body and positions itself to support a wall, to wedge a cover or to demarcate a border. 

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