While travelling throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China, Myanmar and Cambodia, talented international photographers have captured asian core, soul and hidden poetry.

With vibrant inspiration, these artists produce original artwork and present their distinctive perspective on Asia’s innovative vitality, traditional values and cross-cultural influences.


Children of the Mekong (as organiser) and Christel Villepelet (as curator) have invited 23 artists ranging from very talented part-time photographers to already well-established art and commercial artists, to take part and collaborate in this meaningful community project.

Spontaneously, they have committed themselves to our exhibition “Asia: light, hope and dynamism”. 



Take this opportunity to discover Asia in all its splendour and its symphony of vibrant colours, intense feelings and deep memories.



This exhibition will embrace light, hope and dynamism as three major perspectives looking beyond the Asian scene, thus offering a vibrant vision.” 

Christel Villepelet, curator
Andrew Yuen,
Chairman of the board, French May

Asia: light, hope & dynamism



David Baverez,
Author of "Paris Pékin Express"

The Conquest



Christine Lortholary-Nguyen, 
Chairlady of Enfants du Mékong

Educate, train and support children and youth